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File:CFHD AA-12File:CFHD AK-47File:CFHD AK-47 Camouflage Sandfield
File:CFHD AK-47 Firewire EliteFile:CFHD AK-47 Golden WingFile:CFHD AK-47 Graffiti Smoke35
File:CFHD AWM Camouflage SandfieldFile:CFHD AWM Golden WingFile:CFHD AWM Knight Spirit
File:CFHD Black Carbon AxeFile:CFHD Bow (Annihilation Mode)File:CFHD Dagger
File:CFHD Desert EagleFile:CFHD Desert Eagle Camouflage SandfieldFile:CFHD Double Barrel Shotgun
File:CFHD GalilFile:CFHD Gatling GunFile:CFHD Glock-18
File:CFHD GrenadeFile:CFHD ITHACA 37File:CFHD Kukri
File:CFHD Lewis GunFile:CFHD Lewis Gun Pink LoliFile:CFHD M1216
File:CFHD M14EBRFile:CFHD M14EBR Camouflage SandfieldFile:CFHD M14EBR Graffiti SMOKE35
File:CFHD M14EBR Queen of HeartsFile:CFHD M249 MinimiFile:CFHD M4A1
File:CFHD M4A1 Camouflage SandfieldFile:CFHD M4A1 Golden WingFile:CFHD M4A1 Polar Snowfield
File:CFHD M4A1 Queen of HeartsFile:CFHD M60File:CFHD MG3
File:CFHD MK12 MOD0File:CFHD REC7File:CFHD RPG (Annihilation Mode)
File:CFHD Rex RevolverFile:CFHD SG552File:CFHD SG552 Brave Heart
File:CFHD SG552 Royal WarriorFile:CFHD SVDFile:CFHD Scar Light
File:CFHD Scar Light Camouflage SandfieldFile:CFHD Scar Light Golden WingFile:CFHD Scar Light Ocean Heart
File:CFHD Shield & Pistol (Annihilation Mode)File:CFHD Spear (Annihilation Mode)File:CFHD Thompson
File:CFHD UziFile:CFHD VSK-94File:CFHD Vector
File:CFHD XM1014File:CF FlashbangFile:CF Smoke
File:Cfhd banner.pngFile:Creat a nickname screen.pngFile:Example.jpg
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