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GHOST Artwork
Ghost Mode is one of CrossFire's unique team based game mode, which works pretty much the same as Search & Destroy. The main differences is that Black List operatives now use advanced stealth suits and their melee weapons instead.


  • CF China: Ghost Mode (June 16th, 2018)


Black List soldiers are using stealth suits that make them completely invisible when they are not moving. Most of their movements will make their invisibility effects wear off slightly, making it possible for Global Risk to detect them. Another trade off is that they breath heavily with these suits, which can help their opposition pinning down their exact locations.

The Global Risk unit, luckily able to use firearms, are tasked to defend two target sites on a given location. They should be listening to breath and non-friendly footsteps noises to pin point the possible whereabouts of the ghosts and eliminate them all. But, they should do whatever it takes to secure the site and defuse the bomb if the ghosts manage to plant it.